Sawubona Mhlaba!

My name is Dr. Chris Benner. I like riding unreasonable distances on my bike, pondering technology and social inclusion, and inspiring students to do great things. My background in activism and fighting inequality has greatly influenced my work. The four books I’ve co-authored with the prodigious Dr. Manuel Pastor definitely reflect my belief that a just world is a prosperous one, but not necessarily vice versa. In the spirit of openness, this website features downloadable versions of over 20 of my publications, as well as information and links to my books. The most recent, Equity, Growth, and Community: What the Nation Can Learn from America’s Metropolitan Regions, features an incredibly robust website replete with downloadable data, case studies, and ongoing conversations.

Engaged teaching is integral to my activism and scholarship. I challenge students to truly interrogate the text and push themselves to create works that go beyond their own personal development and learning. This site spotlights three such courses and showcases the remarkable works that the students with whom I’ve had the privilege of working. Maps, presentations, posters, and full websites endure long after final grades are submitted. These are the artifacts I try to inspire with my courses.

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