Justice And The American Metropolis

Justice and the American Metropolis provides a timely exploration of ways of making injustice in our urban areas more visible, and putting justice more squarely in the forefront of deliberations on urban policy and practice in this country. The contributions of the book are theoretical and conceptual, rather than empirical. It will be of interest primarily to political scientists and other scholars of urban political processes, since the focus of most chapters is on political theory, insti- tutions, and democratic processes shaping urban areas, rather than on political economy. The book is the result of a 2009 conference at Washington University and related panels at meetings of the American Political Science Association, and thus has a fairly tight and cohesive focus. The con- tributors have clearly benefited from the collaborative and focused discussion of these meetings. The book would be appropriate for graduate level courses, and perhaps advanced undergraduate courses, which deal with urban politics, political science and theories of social justice.