Rethinking Informalizattion Poverty Precarious Jobs And Social Protection

Processes of labor market informalization are most frequently examined in the context of poor countries and marginalized workers. Yet, one of the consistent themes in the study of informal work is that informalization is fundamentally shaped by processes of economic restructuring in the formal economy. Changing corporate structures; the rise of complex outsourcing arrangements; the decline in the institutionalized tripartite social compact between labor, capital, and the state; and increasing volatility associated with the rise of an information economy, all contribute to the informalization of labor in both developed and developing world contexts (Portes et al., 1989). This economic restructuring has resulted in a growing number of workers in formal sector labor markets in the core of the global economy facing increasingly tenuous employment and high levels of insecurity. Therefore, examining new strategies to build collective voice and security for workers that address these processes of restructuring in core labor markets can provide useful lessons that might be relevant in a variety of other contexts as well.